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Launch Of Digital Multi-Media Social Action Initiative To Combat Muslim Stereotypes & Unite Diverse Communities

One Nation, in partnership with The Chicago Community Trust, Link TV, Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), and Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) is creating a national model for engaging communities in building relationships between American Muslims and their neighbors.

Last month, it launched the multi-media initiative One Chicago, One Nation at a Red Carpet Premiere in downtown Chicago at the Chicago Cultural Center.
One Chicago, One Nation is a first-of-its-kind regional initiative and national model that promotes pluralism and inclusion to engage a representation of the Chicago area’s 400,000 Muslims with other culturally diverse residents as a critical step toward overcoming ongoing tensions.
A national Gallup Poll released in 2006 identified the key to combating racism and fear toward the Muslim community is through face-to face meetings between Muslims and non-Muslims. The One Chicago, One Nation initiative focuses on personal interaction using storytelling as a primary tool for dispelling cultural misperceptions and building trust.   
Harnessing the power of diversity, the One Chicago, One Nation initiative will:
• Film Contest:  Launch an online film contest, hosted by Link TV, awarding $50,000 in prizes for stories illustrating Chicagoland neighbors working together to achieve common goals;  
• Community Ambassador Program:  Mobilize Community Ambassadors – made up of
hundreds of Chicagoland residents, students, and community leaders – to flood communities with social dialogue to build trust;  
• Action Grants:  Fuel neighborhoods with $200,000 in targeted grants for trust- and community- building projects that sustain interfaith and intercultural partnerships.

For more information on how to participate in any of these initiatives, please visit
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Quran: 16:125
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