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SHARE Lexington Obtains Building

SHARE Lexington recently finalized an agreement with Masjid Bilal, one of the local masjids of Lexington, to take over the building that formerly housed Masjid Bilal.  The Masjid moved to a new location and the old building has remained unoccupied for about two years.  The SHARE Center is now busy at work renovating the building, aiming at a grand opening in January.

The SHARE Center plans to use the building by having two rooms for a free medical clinic which, in the beginning, will operate on the weekend, one computer room, two rooms for a food and clothing pantry, and an office area where case managers will be able to meet with clients.  Many Muslim medical doctors in the Lexington area have joined the efforts of the SHARE Center to open a free medical clinic.

SHARE Lexington has a group of about 10 volunteers who have divided into committees focusing on community reentry, food/clothing pantry and medical clinic.  A local business has already donated money to purchase new computers for the computer room.  

The new building sits in a neighborhood that needs social services.  The area has the highest poverty rate in the county.  However, due to the long-time presence of the masjid in the area, Muslims are known and well-received in the neighborhood.
When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them): I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me: Let them also, with a will, Listen to My call, and believe in Me: That they may walk in the right way.

Quran: 2:186
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