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SHARE Centers: Ready to Launch

The first SHARE Center (Services for Human Advancement and Resource Enhancement) is ready to formally launch in Detroit on March 15 at a MANA/SHARE banquet and fundraiser at the Muslim Center in Detroit. Guest speakers at his auspicious occasion include Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Dr. Abd al-Hakim Jackson, Dr. Ihsan Bagby and Imam Qasim Khan. Entertainment will be provided by Jameel Syed - a nashid singer.

The SHARE Center - which is to be the organizational vehicle for implementing MANA's agenda in a local area - is a social service institution which serves the physical and spiritual (psychological) needs of the Muslim community and the neighborhood in which it resides, while providing the tools and guidance to individuals so that they can become healthy, whole, self-sufficient, righteous human beings. Thus, SHARE Centers are the vehicle for implementing the Community Re-Entry Program, which aims to help formerly incarcerated Muslims get on their feet, and the Healthy Marriage Initiative, which aims to involve the entire Muslim community in strengthening marriages.

Led by Chair of SHARE-Detroit, Akil Fahd, the Detroit Community in December 2007 was the first city to invite Abu Jamal Teague (National Director of SHARE Centers and the Community Re-Entry Program) and Ihsan Bagby (General Secretary of MANA) to discuss the concept of SHARE and to form a Board of Trustees. Detroit was also the first community to approve the model SHARE By-Laws in December and the first to organize a Board Development training session in January 2008.

Other cities have also formed Boards for their SHARE Center, including Atlanta, Indianapolis, Richmond, VA and Newark while, Winston-Salem and Chicago are on the way to forming boards.

The MANA project team that is responsible for facilitating the formation of SHARE Centers is; Abu Jamal Teague (National Director), Khalifah Ramadan (Training Coordinator) and Aneesah Nadir (National Director of the Healthy Marriage Initiative). This team has developed a step-by-step formula for establishing a SHARE Center.

  1. Formation of a Board of Trustees which is a result of exploratory and organizing trips by Abu Jamal. The first act of the new Board is to ratify the model SHARE By-Laws which formally makes one a part of the national SHARE Network.
  2. Board Development Training. Before the SHARE Center starts working, the Board must engage in a series of training programs conducted by Abu Jamal. The first training program provides clear directives for how a Board should function.
  3. Project Training and Strategic Planning. Next the Board and other stake holders participate in a two-day training program. The first day focuses on educating Board members on the Community Re-Entry Program and the Healthy Marriage Initiative. Abu Jamal and Aneesah Nadir are the main trainers. With a thorough understanding of the two primary initiatives of SHARE Centers, the Board engages in a strategic planning session, led by Khalifah Ramadan, to outline a short-term plan for the SHARE Center.
  4. Resource Development Training. Khalifah Ramadan will conduct this workshop on writing grants and developing a fund raising strategy.

The upcoming schedule for SHARE training is as follows:

8-9 Atlanta Board Development (Abu Jamal)
15 Detroit Launch/Fund Raiser
22 Richmond Board Development (Abu Jamal)
29 Atlanta Launch/Fundraiser
29-30 Indianapolis Strategic Planning (Khalifah Ramadan, Aneesah Nadir and Abu Jamal

5-6 Detroit Strategic Planning (Khalifah Ramadan, Aneesah Nadir and Abu Jamal
11-13 Winston Organizing trip (Abu Jamal)
18-20 Chicago Organizing trip (Abu Jamal)
26 Winston Launch/Fundraiser
26-27 Richmond Strategic Planning (Khalifah Ramadan, Aneesah Nadir and Abu Jamal

17 Richmond Launch/Fundtaiser May 17
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