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SHARE Indianapolis Celebrates Its Launch

On June 28 SHARE Indianapolis held a fundraising dinner at ISNA Headquarters to celebrate the inception of their new organization.  Imam Siraj Wahhaj headlined the event.  Other speakers included Dr. Ihsan Bagby and Imam Qasim Khan.  Indianapolis follows Detroit and Atlanta in celebrating the launch of a SHARE Center in their city.

The President of SHARE Indianapolis, Imam Ismail Abdul Aleem, spoke about the initial steps that have been taken in establishing the SHARE Center, including Board development training led by Khalifah Ramadan (Strategic Planning Consultant for SHARE), and Abu Jamal Teague (Director of the SHARE Network) and then Project Training and Strategic Planning led by the same team along with Aneesah Nadir (Director of the Healthy Marriage Initiative).  Imam Ismail laid out their plans to establish an office and transitional housing in the same building as Masjid Mumineen in Indianapolis. 

The new Congressional Representative Andre Carson sent his regrets and could not attend the gathering because of prior commitments in DC.  In his absence he forwarded a Congressional Commendation for MANA for establishing SHARE Indianapolis and a Congressional Commendation for Imam Siraj for his long years of leadership in the Muslim community.

Shariq Siddiqui, Executive Director of the Muslim Alliance of Indiana, a leading advocacy and outreach group in Indiana, welcomed MANA and voiced his strong personal support for the new SHARE Center in Indianapolis.



Pictured Above (left to right): Ihsan bagby, Aamir Shabazz, John Sullivan, Ismail Abdul-Aleem, Imam Siraj, Angelica Tangman, Syeed Abdur-Rahman, Travis Davis, Yahya El-Amin, Linda Minter 




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Quran: 3:104
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