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SHARE Atlanta: An Update

by Khayriyyah H. Faiz, SHARE-Atlanta Chair

SHARE-Atlanta has an active Board of Trustees (BOT) that number thirteen (13), including eight sisters and five brothers, two of whom are local Resident Imams.  Each Board member actively participates in one of the three SHARE Initiative Committees.
Community Reentry, chaired by Imam FurQan Muhammad, and participated in by Sis. Ameedah Abdullah, Imam Nadim Ali, Tariq Abdul-Malik and Amjad Taufique, are gearing up to launch our outreach efforts.  Currently this Committee is meeting with local funded and successful Reentry Program leaders that include Imam A.J. Sabree, Prison Services Director for the State of Georgia and the Director of Life Unlimited, a Christian-based Reentry Service located in downtown Atlanta.  This Committee is also currently engaged in an effort to build on and complement the good efforts of both Programs and be introduced to a broader network of Reentry providers with whom SHARE-Atlanta can work, support and be supported by, insha’Allah.  We are also looking at facilities that can serve as a transitional living/teaching environment to optimize successful Reentry transitions for those we serve.   Our goal is to begin our work in the name of SHARE-Atlanta this spring/summer insha’Allah.

Healthy Marriage Initiative.  This Initiative, chaired by Sis, Yaqutullah Ibraheem and participated in by Sis. Sumaira Akber,  Atiba Saleem and SHARE Chair, Khayriyyah Faiz, is off the ground with its first workshop scheduled for April 25 2009 at the Risala Institute in Stone Mountain, GA.  The April session will include a couples’ panel and a wide range of attendees, insha’Allah. This inaugural HMI Workshop  for SHARE-Atlanta is being designed to include interactive audience participation through openly sharing during the session and by encouraging questions.  One of our desired outcomes is that it will also serve to get input from all participants as to those services and information that would be most beneficial.  Participants will all receive copies of the resourceful MANA HMI reading materials graciously provided to us by Dr. Aneesah Nadir.  Sis. Yaqutullah Ibraheem will be placed on the agenda of the well-attended Let’s Get Married 7th Annual Conference scheduled for April 9-11, 2009 in Atlanta, to introduce, on behalf of SHARE Atlanta, the HMI model to all Conference attendees. .

SHARE-Atlanta is actively working to develop a formal/programmatic social service structure through which outreach can be provided to those in need.  Through an informal structure, we have provided social service support to a number of individuals who were in need.  This was done through the use of our shura process which helped guide us on how to respond to each situation.  SHARE Atlanta’s outreach and  support have been facilitated through BOT and Social Service Committee member, Sis. Jamilah Jihad, who was also the founder and former Director of ICERS, an Muslim social outreach service in Atlanta.  Also participating on this Committee are BOT members, Amjad Tafique and Mohamed M. Malak.  This Committee’s interim leadership is currently being provided by SHARE Chair, Sis. Faiz and the full BOT is engaged in developing its structure, assisted by Social Worker and former BOT member, Reshelle Abdul Malik, who has volunteered to do a thorough search of all social service resources available in the Atlanta area.

SHARE is proud to have a beautiful, professional brochure that is helpful in communicating our mission, vision and scope of service to the community and to potential partners in service and outreach. We are also proud of our ongoing fundraising efforts, including our recent successful Native Deen Concer held in January, and the ongoing receipt of  local donations.  These efforts have positioned us to implement our services as they are ultimately ready with relative ease financially, insha’Allah.

Search for Office space.  We are actively searching for office space and for a facility we can secure for successful implementation of our local Reentry effort.  Insha’Allah, we will achieve these goals by spring or late summer of this year.   We pray for Allah’s guidance, protection and blessing and hope that He is pleased with our efforts and intentions.
Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity.

Quran: 3:104
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