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SHAREâ„¢ Centers

(Services for Human Advancement and Resource Enhancement)

The Services for Human Advancement and Resource Enhancement (SHARE™) Center  is a social service and advocacy institution which serves the physical, spiritual and mental health needs of the Muslim community and the neighborhood in which it resides, providing the tools and guidance to individuals so that they can become healthy, whole, righteous human beings. The SHARE Center also advocates for justice and equality.

The SHARE™ Center is to be the organizational vehicle for implementing MANA’s agenda in a local area.   Thus, the SHARE™ Center would be the vehicle for implementing the Community Re-entry program and the Healthy Marriage Initiative program.

The SHARE™ Center provides two types of services: referrals to other agencies to address the needs of individuals and direct services administered by the SHARE™ Center.

1. Referrals: Existing programs and agencies can meet the majority of physical needs of individuals, but in many cases individuals are unawares of such assistance.  The SHARE™ Center will have “facilitators” who will serve as caseworkers to help identify the needs of an individual and refer them to the appropriate agencies.  Facilitators will be trained and knowledgeable about the existing services.  Facilitators will also be aware of the various service providers such that they will help in making contact for the needy individual.

Referral areas:               
· Unemployment               
· Job training               
· Housing and shelters               
· Mental health               
· Addiction counseling and support groups
· Marital and abuse counseling               
· Legal aid               
· Medical services               
· Adoption and foster care               
· Education and scholarships
Direct services:
Core Direct Services
· Zakah–cash assistance               
· Clothing and food               
· Job opportunities–job referrals               
· Career counseling               
· Job preparation               
· Substance abuse programs               
· Community Re-entry program
· Healthy Marriage Initiative– Marriage preparation and enhancement programs, training pre-marital and marital counselors               
Second Tier Direct Services
· Half-way house               
· Women’s shelter               
· Businesses to employ needy individuals               
· Rehab of houses to provide housing 
· Free medical clinic               
· Gang intervention               
· Adoption/foster care services               
· Youth mentoring

Organizational Structure

  1. The SHARE™ Center will consist of a Board of Directors, Executive Director, an Executive Committee and staff. 
  2. The function of the Board of Directors will (1) set direction and policy of the organization, (2) appoint/hire staff and the Executive Director, (3) oversee the functioning of the organization and (4) fundraise.
  3. The members of the Board will reflect the diversity of the local Muslim community.   The Executive Director of the SHARE™ Center will also be a member of the Board and therefore the tie-breaker in any vote.  Members shall be no less than seven and no more than 15.  The Officers of the Board shall be Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.  All Board members shall have a term of three years, which shall be renewable for three terms.
  4. The Executive Director who will be appointed/hired by the Board.  The Executive Director will have the main responsibility of implementing the plan and direction of the Board.
  5. The Executive Committee will consist of the Executive Director, various Project Directors, and other people who have programmatic responsibilities in the SHARE™ Center.  For example, the Directors of the Community Re-entry and Healthy Marriage Initiative programs will be members of the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee in the initial stages of the SHARE™ Center will be composed of paid staff and SHARE Center volunteers.  As SHARE™ Center positions become all paid positions, the Executive Committee will become an internal staff committee.
  6. The function of the Executive Committee will to implement the plan and direction of the Board.  The Executive Committee, therefore, is a working group and not a policy-making body. 

Implementation Plan 

  1. Formation of Board of Directors that will serve as the initial founding committee.
  2. The Board will engage in a period of strategic planning.  In the first stage each Board will conduct a needs assessment, network with the prison and jail systems, identify masjids and Muslim organizations, and identify local resources.  In the second state a strategic planning meeting will be held in which mission statement, goals and objectives will be set.  MANA will assist by providing a facilitator for the meeting.
  3. The Board will conduct fundraising activities after an action plan is established.  MANA will assist in organizing and providing speakers for fundraising activities.
  4. The Board will seek to write grants for their projects.
  5. The Board will hire an Executive Director.
  6. The Board will hire or identify volunteer project directors for the various projects that the Board has decided upon.
  7. The Board will appoint an Executive Committee that will be composed of the Executive Director, Project Directors and other people who have programmatic responsibilities in the SHARE™ Center. 
  8. Training for the Board, Executive Director and other SHARE™ Center personnel will be organized to impart needed skills in carrying out their responsibilities.
  9. An office for the SHARE™ Center will be obtained.


Or think ye that ye shall be abandoned, as though Allah did not know those among you who strive with might and main, and take none for friends and protectors except Allah, His Messenger, and the (community of) Believers? But Allah is well- acquainted with (all) that ye do.

Quran: 9:16
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