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The Murder of Ramadan Spirit: A Poetic Essay

By Shaykh Ali Abu-Talib Son Of AbdunNur

No longer protected by Men strengthened by God’s Merciful Compulsion,
Ramadan Spirit dies quickly amid one final Satanic induced convulsion
Of cultural pettiness, thoughtlessness, and foolish revulsion towards a thing that is a gift from God even more valuable than a son.

After one month Ramadan’s benefits usually aren’t even inspected.
Because Ramadan Spirit’s enemy is once again free.
And as soon as he’s free
He calls on Worldly Ambition to distract me,
And Habitual Appetites to attract me...
And Cultural Norms to relentlessly attack me...
And then Satan himself murder’s Ramadan spirit, without any mercy,
At the Eid Al-Fitra celebration.

It’s never a slow death. It doesn’t die because it’s sickly.
It’s an arrow in the heart, or in the throat, it dies painlessly and quickly
Amid a brief fit…. one final convulsion,
No longer protected by Men strengthened by God’s Merciful Compulsion.

And it’s not only me.
It’s you and me... it’s most of us. It’s we.
Like the Ancient Iraqis, we flee to the table of ibni Ziyad, blind to our complicity,
With Ramadan Spirit’s Eternal Enemy.

It’s only a few,
a metaphorically scant 72,
who dare stand to protect what Prophet Loved.

The Prophet loved praying in congregation.
The Prophet loved refraining from sins and sinful temptation.
The Prophet loved rising very early to dine on contemplative postures in
scriptural contemplation.
The Prophet cherished Ramadan which calls for Satan’s one month incarceration and its God Imbued spirit of blessed exoneration
So Muhammad embodied it long after the annual ninth lunar commemoration.
But unlike the Prophet’s Great Grandson,
Who was still held tenderly by his father, Husayn, when the killing was done,
We cowardly run away and desert our Ramadan Spirit
Long before the final fatal arrows satanically pierce it.
We forget all about fasting, praying and spiritual bravery,
We re-volunteer every year for unsavory cultural slavery.

Ramadan Spirit lay cold, and dead upon the ground,
And we’re re-chained to our cultures, though our cultures are unsound.

We act like we’re glad that it’s gone… don’t have to fast any more.
Now we can eat until our bellies are swollen and sore.
We can snore until just before the sun peeks over the horizon's door,
And then hastily pray fajr like we did before… alone… by the bed... on the floor, Then soar back to bed to snore an encore for a couple of hours or more.

No more driving all the way to the masjid every night to pray.
We can go to the gym, swim, get slim, or go to the court and play.
We can stay home and watch TV, or kick back and lay.
Aren’t we glad that it’s over? Did we really wish it would stay?

Let us contemplate on the core of this horror of a metaphor
And stop thinking about Ramadan as a glad-it’s-over, unwanted chore
Now that this month is over and Ramadan is no more.
Let’s move to improve, and our faithfulness prove, by ignoring the attractive whore of worldliness that’s seduced us every year but nevermore.

Let us divorce the cultural status quo in a sincere attempt to grow,
So we can build on what we’ve previously done and learn more than what we already know.

This year let us perpetuate Ramadan Spirit… love it… revere it,
And and not let the spirit of Babylon near it.

This is a thing we should fervently ask for.
For God loves this, and hears this, and answers for sure.



Ali Abu-Talib is a 61 year old African American, who converted to Islam in January of 1970. He has sat for many years with some of the world's most outstanding sunni and shia Muslim scholars, including Imam Mubarrak Hasan, Sayyid Masoom Abidi, Ayatollah Murtadah Qazwinii.  His writings include The Curtain Of Light, a short book on the importance of prioritizing the establishment of Salat in Jamat in Mumin Communities based in The West; "The Holy Lecture," a rhymed refraction (poetic interpretation and translation) of the last juz of The Quran, and a rhymed epic poem which is a dramatic yet complete and accurate history of the events that led up to the martyrdom of Prophet's Grandson entitled The Murder Of Imam Husayn. This work was presented in the form of a four and a half hour talking book.  He has a page on MySpace at:

Thus, have We made of you an Ummat justly balanced, that ye might be witnesses over the nations, and the Messenger a witness over yourselves; and We appointed the Qibla to which thou wast used, only to test those who followed the Messenger from those who would turn on their heels (From the Faith). Indeed it was (A change) momentous, except to those guided by Allah. And never would Allah Make your faith of no effect. For Allah is to all people Most surely full of kindness, Most Merciful.

Quran: 2:143
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