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MANA SHARE Centers and the SHARE Network

(SHARE stands for “Services for Human Advancement and Resource Enhancement”)


A MANA SHARE Center is a social service and advocacy institution. As a social service center, it serves the physical, spiritual and mental health needs of the Muslim community and the neighborhood in which it resides, providing the tools and guidance to individuals so that they can become healthy, whole, righteous human beings. As an advocacy institution, the SHARE Center strives to realize justice and equality for the people that it serves.
The SHARE Center concept was created to be the vehicle for implementing MANA’s agenda of community service and community activism, which is a response to Allah’s command to help the weak and needy. As Allah says in Qur’an in Surah al-Balad (90: 12-17)
MANA facilitates the creation of SHARE Centers, works to support SHARE Centers, and then establishes a network of SHARE Centers and other community service institutions in order that they may learn and benefit from one another. It is the goal of MANA to see SHARE and community service centers established throughout America and to build a network of all these centers.
Around 2010, MANA members in three cities responded to MANA’s call to establish SHARE Centers: Indianapolis (IN), Lexington (KY), and Atlanta (GA). These three SHARE Centers are still functioning.

Menu of Direct Services:

(MANA SHARE Centers can choose the services that they are able to provide, but the following is an ideal set of services that a SHARE Center should aspire to provide to their community.

Menu of Second Tier Direct Services:

(These services represent a higher stage in the development of a SHARE Center)
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SHARE Network

The goal of the re-vitalized MANA is to establish a network of all MANA SHARE Centers and other Muslim community service centers. MANA is committed to provide human resources and financial support for the establishment and maintenance of the SHARE Network.
The purpose of the SHARE Network is to:
If you are interested in establishing a MANA SHARE Center or if you are interested in your community service center joining the SHARE Network, please contact the MANA Office at 859-296-0206 or